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If a marriage is dissolved, the assets accumulated during the marriage need to be valued and divided.The division of property can be a complex and frustrating process.In that state, the couple need not have lived under separate roofs for 60 days, but they must not have cohabitated sexually for at least that minimum period of time.In an uncontested divorce, the petitioner can meet this requirement through proper pleading or providing testimonial evidence on the record.Mediation and Collaborative law are excellent methods for arriving at comprehensive agreements that meet the needs of the parties and their children.

Even as Maryland lawmakers have modified the law in the hopes of making certain divorces simpler for those seeking to end a marriage, there are still many issues and legal nuances regarding which an experienced Maryland attorney can provide you with invaluable assistance, including maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of all of the relevant changes to Maryland’s divorce laws. Fatemi has for many years helped spouses as they pursue their divorces and move on with their lives.

At the Weisbaum Law Firm, LLC, we will help you understand the law with respect to the division of property and help you receive what you are entitled to, whether through negotiation, mediation or collaboration, or through litigation in court.

Families with children must address a variety of issues when going through separation and divorce.

Prenuptial agreements provide a means for parties to agree to the resolution of issues that may arise in the event that the couple decides, at some time in the future, to seek a divorce.

These types of agreements may be used to protect the premarital assets of the parties, or may simply be used to provide a template for the resolution of issues at a later date, thereby avoiding a costly fight when emotions are running high.

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Last year, though, Maryland lawmakers sought to change these requirements.

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