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Depending on the expected length of the downtime, communication may be necessary one to two months in advance.

Tailoring communication to staff based on their roles and the impact they can expect will provide information to the staff as to what they need during the downtime.

With modification, the same template can form the basis for communicating unplanned downtimes.

Well-vetted and communicated policies and procedures keep practices running and their patient information intact. How well they get through the next hours or days will depend on whether they have clear instructions on what to do and whether they have ever done it before.

Communicating planned and semi-planned downtime to staff in advance will minimize frustration and confusion as to why the system is unavailable.

As soon as an unplanned downtime is discovered, notifications are sent immediately to physicians, staff, and leadership.

Unless there are redundant systems in place, all practices with software applications and systems will most likely experience downtime; for instance, during routine maintenance or back-ups that are performed at established intervals, often on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Downtime may affect a single application or be systemwide.

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Scheduled downtime is planned in advance for reasons including scheduled maintenance, system updates and patches, and upgrades.

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