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The simple data editing web application I’ll walkthrough building in this tutorial is a basic data entry/manipulation front-end for products within a database: The application will support the following end-user features: The web application will be implemented with a clean object-oriented data model built using the LINQ to SQL ORM.All of the business rules and business validation logic will be implemented in our data model tier – and within the UI tier or in any of the UI pages.When updates are made, the LINQ to SQL ORM will automatically ensure that all business rules and validation logic we’ve added (as partial methods) to the LINQ to SQL data model pass before persisting anything to the database.Important: The beauty of LINQ and LINQ to SQL is that it obviously isn’t tied to being used only in UI scenarios – or with particular UI binding controls like the Linq Data Source.One of the really nice things about the Currently we are displaying the foreign-key integer values in our Grid View for the Supplier and Category of each Product: While accurate from a data model perspective, it isn’t very end-user friendly.What I really want to-do is to display the Category Name and Supplier Name instead, and provide a drop-downlist while in Edit mode to enable end-users to easily associate the Supplier ID and Category ID values.We’ll then want to select the table within our data model that we want to be the primary entity for the to bind against.

declarations) or in designer mode (just click on the column in the designer and choose the “Remove” task).

Because we already added a control to the page earlier that references our Categories within our LINQ to SQL data model, all I need to-do to create a drop-downlist control at the top of the page that binds against this.

For example: When I run the page I’ll now get a filter dropdownlist of all categories at the top of the page: My last step is to configure the Grid View to only show those Products in the category the end-user selects from the dropdownlist.

The control (via its Data Source ID) and indicates which columns should be included in the grid, what their header text should be, as well as what sort expression to use when the column header is selected.

Now that we have the basics of our web UI working against our LINQ to SQL data-model, we can go ahead and further customize the UI and behavior.

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