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For products subsequently purchased via Amazon, we receive a payment from them rather than from Price Runner. Our expert guide explains how to buy the best radio, from FM, DAB and internet radios, to battery-powered portable and personal radios, and features such as alarm clocks, a CD player, Bluetooth and USB.

Make sure your internet connection is alive and well and you have sufficient bandwidth available to you. Can you listen to the same station you're trying to tune on your computer through the Pure Connect website? If you can’t then you need to investigate your radio’s wireless connection to your router.

If you are using a 802.11N router you should ensure B/G backward compatibility as your radio will run as an 802.11G client.

Test this theory by adjusting your router settings so it only broadcasts B\G and not N. Running 802.11N will not give your Pure radio the speed benefits associated from an 'N' network as the radio doesn't actually need it and therefore utilize it.

While on maternity leave, Fifi Box decided to give her own baby bonus to the people of Melbourne.

This time around, the listener who correctly identifies Fox FM's Secret Sound will walk away with 0,000!

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