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Reich claimed that accumulations of DOR played a role in desertification and designed a "cloudbuster" with which he said he could manipulate streams of orgone energy in the atmosphere to induce rain by forcing clouds to form and disperse.Reich reported observing UFOs over Orgonon, Maine and also in the Arizona skies during his drought-relief expedition into the American Southwest.Reich claimed that life was founded upon bioenergetic phenomena, and characterized by the pulsation of bioenergy, as with heart-beat, respiration, and bladder functions.Emotions and sexuality, he argued, also followed a similar basic bioenergetic pulsation, and optimal health necessitated open emotional expression and periodic sexual release of accumulated bio-energy.

He believed that sitting inside the box might provide a treatment for cancer and other illnesses.Cerebellar hypoplasia is roughly equivalent to cerebral palsy.The most likely cause of it in a litter of kittens is if the mom is infected with panleukopenia (feline distemper) while pregnant.In 1940, Reich built boxes called orgone accumulators to concentrate atmospheric orgone energy.Reich said orgone was the "primordial cosmic energy", blue in color, which he claimed was omnipresent and responsible for such things as weather, the color of the sky, gravity, the formation of galaxies, and the biological expressions of emotion and sexuality.

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