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A therapist suggested that I go on anti-anxiety meds. Instead, I adopted some cognitive-behavioral tactics and kept at them. If they could do that, there would be no anxiety or panic.

I also felt light headed and ataxic, and had a sense of impending doom.

Hydroxyzine (Atrarax/Vistaril) is better alternative to benzodiazepines especially combined with 10-20mg propranolol (check for Asthma and diabetes) and deep muscle relaxation plus deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Few people are very sensitive to sedation and dry mouth as side effects.

I ask this because I'm seeing more and more patients w/o insurance who would benefit from Atarax (my favorite anxiety drug) but would benefit even greater from a medicine that worked which could be bought cheaply OTC.

ntubebate The antihistamines that enter the CNS are sedating as a result.

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