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The bar is so low, anyone with a pulse is basically considered a catch.If all guys are babies, it becomes the norm and expectations are lowered accordingly.You’re going to think that’s just how men are and accept it.We need to ask for more from guys or else their laziness and bad habits will be passed down indefinitely. Just because a guy is “young for his age” or whatever BS descriptor he uses doesn’t mean he can be an a-hole without repercussions.We’re not here to make him get out of bed in the morning, do his laundry, or remind him he has work in the morning and probably shouldn’t be doing jello shots at 4 a.m. This is not only an injustice to the women who feel like they have to put up with it but to the guys who actually have their acts together.

We shouldn’t stick around pretending we’re OK with all the work we have to do to make a relationship with an irresponsible child worth it.

Why do women have to be responsible for everything? At a certain point, we just want to have a steady relationship and when all the options are disappointing, we end up lowering our standards.

Pretty much every guy we date now seems to think we’re also his mom, which is completely obnoxious. This just encourages guys to keep slacking off and not try to improve.

One night, as a friend and I were headed to a bar to see someone I had met on a dating app, she asked, “What do you tell these guys? ”) Doctors buy me time and wellness with treatments, injections and transfusions. From what some people told me, I might as well be dead as a single woman over 40. I knew I’d have limited time to spend with people I care about before I got sick again. I didn’t feel sad or jealous, just relieved it was her and not me putting down a credit card at the bar to buy his drinks. “This guy has a picture of himself with Bill Murray,” I noted as I started swiping for the very first time. After one great date, I had a crushing realization: I have only the present to offer, not a hopeful future. Since the new treatment, I can even walk around sometimes not thinking about cancer. Since that first 1992 date, I just wanted to find someone and feel like that part of my life was settled.

” I pulled up my profile and handed her my phone.“I have cancer so if you want to hang out, act now! I’m definitely going to die from it, if I don’t get hit by a bus. “Tinder is full of pictures of Bill Murray,” my friend said sagely. Doctors have given me a spinal tap and rooted around my bone marrow with a needle. “You don’t know that,” a friend told me.“Because I could get hit by a bus tomorrow? Within a month I had given myself a black eye, chipped a tooth and skinned my knee.

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” reads the first line.“This is great,” she said with a laugh. (Why do people always offer that as an alternative to dying of cancer? Since my cancer diagnosis six years ago, I’ve had poison pumped into my veins, tubes threaded into my neck, organs removed, radiation tattoos applied. But meeting a stranger for a date filled me with dread. That morning, I had almost stepped off a curb into the path of an oncoming van. People probably think it’s because of the cancer, but I’ve always been like this, since my very first date at 14 on July 4, 1992, when I sat in a wooded clearing on my first boyfriend’s four-wheeler watching fireworks from nearby Sea World.

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