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To make it 100% clear: The primary issue here is kill the mood, noises do not.And having a cool, supportive partner will obviously go a long way in any case.Thank you again for hearing me out (;)), you are a wonderful community.Dear deafbuttsex, one of the hottest things during sex is when a girl loses control and moans in ways that show she's so into it she's let go and isn't paying attention to her inhibitions or hangups or anxieties.But it's a perfectly solvable problem: Tell your partner about your worries, and ask them to make you aware if it's an issue.

I wish I could masturbate more but I can only do it when I know I'm definitely alone at home, and even then, it's with great hesitance because I'm worried my housemates will walk in and hear the awful sounds I'll make.

I don't even think I'm conventionally attractive enough for them to deal with it... It makes me incredibly sad to have to go through this.

I guess I could find another deaf guy but there are very few around me and none that I find myself interested in (absolutely not because they are deaf though).

I'd say that the fear with having sex with a deaf person would be them being super loud which could be awkward for roommates or take you out of the moment.

Any weird sounds are more manageable at a lower volume.

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I can't believe the amount of detrimental optimism in this thread.

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