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And by legalizing the possession of marijuana, we correct a great social injustice.

Persons of color have been routinely targeted for marijuana possession.

"The legislation to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use would eliminate the draconian laws and penalties currently in place and improve social justice issues in urban areas.

Law-abiding adults will be able to partake legally and safely knowing exactly what they're ingesting.

Scutari and Sweeney, meanwhile, have introduced two bills that collectively would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey and vastly expand access to medical marijuana.

"These two pieces of legislation we introduced represent a concerted effort to put all the options on the table in an efficient, comprehensive manner," said Scutari.

"By expanding its accessibility, we help New Jerseyans live life to its fullest.

Lawmakers are talking about a pretty hefty tax that they want to impose on the drug once it becomes available commercially.

It's not clear if the governor would actually sign it that day, or right afterward.

Pending legislation on legalization has set the rate at 12 percent. Joe Vitale, D-Union, said debates over what agency should regulate marijuana use and the tax rate could easily delay the vote past Oct. But top lawmakers say they have their eyes set on Oct. Murphy said he's a father who "didn't come to this naturally overnight." He believes legalizing marijuana is about social justice.

"Assuming the legislation comes to me in the shape I hope it does, I'll sign that," he said.

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