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It's no secret that most truckers enjoy casual and no-strings-attached types of relationships.The nature of their job does not allow them to develop a deeper romantic bond with someone.I know I can be insecure because of past experiences ... I feel guilty but at the same time so disappointed. I won't beg, but it hurts so much that he did't try to prove that he's trustworthy, and instead decided that we have no future.My insecurities are tied to his being a truck driver and us not getting to spend time together.It's safe to say that truckers don't have time for traditional dates, so they must try their luck on various trucker chat sites and matchmaking platforms.

Did I mess up or am I just blaming myself because I don't want to accept the fact that he doesn't care enough?I asked him why he was still using it, because he told me he had deleted it after our first date.(That wasn't true, obviously.) Anyway, I guess I developed a trust issue after that, and our relationship ended one night when I texted him and he took hours to reply (I hear stories about truck drivers).– Not on the road You should not be dating a truck driver. Your best bet is to start this recovery process by admitting that this was not long-term love, and that you jumped into a relationship before anyone was ready.You should also avoid dating a pilot or a traveling professional athlete. You expected him to quit a dating website after one date.

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I know I'm a mess and that I make it hard for both of us, but I wish he didn't give up so fast.

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