Pacing a relationship dating

Scientists have been putting a finger on the chemistry involved in attraction.

Love is blind, so pay attention to pink flags, but don’t run at the first sign of danger.

When this happens a false sense of intimacy develops, and boundaries are blurred.

But as life becomes more challenging, faster paced, paranoid, and more sophisticated, hiring a matchmaker becomes a more and more reasonable choice.

I’ve included some highlights of this wonderful show.

When a couple sleeps together, it releases a chemical that makes a woman want to cling to a guy.

It’s important to go through all three phases of relationship to know someone well enough, and to see if the relationship has lasting power.

Initially, do not make extensive plans beyond simple dates.

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I have jumped into a relationship with a man who claimed me right out the gate to only find myself a year down the road with a needy, clingy man who was just trying to fill a hole in his life.

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