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There were some movies I passed on early on, and some movies I didn't get, some big studio films.

But now I look back and I realize that I really came later in life to a kind of career.

As she entered middle age she stylishly surfaced in fine films such as The Station Agent and Far From Heaven.

By the time she landed her first lead role – in Ruba Nadda’s restrained romance, Cairo Time – she was already on the cusp of 50. Certain angles it’s not too bad.” A crinkled smile drifts across her wry alabaster face. It’s a high horse to mount every night.” The play is The Elephant Man, and it stars Bradley Cooper as John Merrick, the hideously deformed Victorian freak show exhibit who has never touched a woman, let alone seen one in all her naked glory.

It's unlikely to find a partner who wouldn't want kids in his life.

Moreover, she may not want to deprive someone of the joy of children just because she does not find delight at such things.

It’s always a shock to people that I’m not married and don’t have children.

Her dating endeavor is not as mainstream as you would expect from a Hollywood celebrity. In fact, she is never married and shares no children.

And only now is Clarkson doing that thing asked of so many younger actresses: taking off her clothes onstage. The woman who changes all that is the celebrated actress Madge Kendal.

Cooper first approached Clarkson in 2010 at the premiere of Whatever Works, a less than vintage Woody Allen film in which Clarkson played a manipulative mother.

Its occupant, draped in a black leather blouson and black knee-length skirt and sporting steep black stilettos, is enthroned in an armchair. Patricia Clarkson is all actress – courteous, inquiring, vivacious, elegant and a kittenish flirt. Clarkson has neither partner nor children and flew to London alone but for her “emotional support dog”, a long-necked, pointy-eared Basenji with a disinclination to bark.

“I’ve chosen to live without the confines of what society really often dictates.

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