Relative dating method of evaluating geologic time

The geologic time scale INB templates allow students to focus their notes on the Geologic Time Eras.The elaboration section of the 5E method of instruction is intended to give students choice on how they can prove mastery of the concept.At this station, students will be watching a short video explaining the laws of relative rock dating. Students will be able to click on sections of a clock that is used to represent different time periods that occurred on Earth.

Included in every 5E lesson is a homework assignment, assessment, and modified assessment.This station will provide students with a one page reading about how old rocks are.Students will read about relative and absolute dating, as well as superposition.The following post will walk you through each of the steps and activities from the geologic time scale lesson plan.At the beginning of the lesson, the class will do a Think-Pair-Share to discuss the objective.

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Some questions include: Which fossil would make the best index fossil?

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