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There are logical arguments that favor and disfavor both opinions. The topic of interracial relationships can be reasonably discussed by giving background descriptions of it, analyzing formal literary elements, and by a persuasive discussion. The most common are white Caucasians, black African Americans, Mexican/Spanish, Asians, Native American Indians, and islanders.

Therefore it is not surprising that all four authors used this appeal to emotion device.Many say that the white race diminishes because of this.Furthermore, many argue that the only reason a person of color marries a white person is to move up in social status.Many of the people that approve of interracial mixing are the younger people of the world, the teenagers because they are surrounded by it early on whereas the older people of society were not exposed to different races being in a relationship because it was not as accepted as it is now.This idea is strongly supported by the statement “I think people are getting used to growing up with different races, and you feel a lot more comfortable now, says Vertice Duke.” (Peterson, 2)Furthermore, the fact remains that the human race is continuing to change and this includes all nationalities.

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