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When Summer died, Raven took in her birth daughter and Summer's daughter, raising them in her place. Ruby, however, had it not so well having two girlfriends that didn't work out well, both for different reasons.But, when her best friend Neo helps her get a date with a pretty girl, will she be the one that sticks?On the other side of the door, she could hear two voices."Oh, Emerald, you sure know how to work me over." One said."Well, you're the one who wanted me to lay you out." The other said. "I promise you it can work though.""A-alright.' Ruby said, nodding as she decided to trust Cinder, something that had taken years even before the psychological sessions."so" Cinder said, smirking. " Ruby asked."If you want." Weiss said, blushing a little."A-alright.' Ruby said."Plus, you love it."Ruby took a deep breath and knocked. Sorry about having to reschedule our meeting from a few days ago.'Cinder's hair was mussed up and her clothes were disheveled a little, Ruby having a good idea what had been going on previously. "As I recall, you had two horrible dating experiences.""Right." Ruby said. "Sh-she did.""We'll talk about her later.' Cinder said. For right now, I have this question to ask of you.""Wh-what? For now, let's just get back to the normal routine.""Wait.' Ruby said. "I hear Ruby Rose has scored a date with a very attractive woman."Ruby blushed as Cinder smirked at her."H-how? "It's such a pretty name.'"It sure is." Cinder said, nodding. It means White in Mistral.""She didn't seem very Mistralian." Ruby said."No one wants to seem like they're from Mistral." Cinder said. "I know this great place.'"Have fun lovebirds.' Cinder said. " Weiss asked."Frozen pizza.' Ruby said, grinning."I see.' Weiss said. "You can get delivery from Remnant Shack for cheaper! ""It does at the store I got it from." Ruby said."Should probably find a better store then.' Weiss said."She doesn't seem so stuck up." Yang whispered."you know" Weiss said.Though, she would have preferred to have Yang's back against her bare chest, the leather glove she was wearing was nice too. Raven sent a glare at Yang that caused the nude Blake to shrink back in her chair. Blake slunk upstairs behind her."Morning, mom.' Ruby said, walking into the house. ""Out.' Raven said, sipping her coffee."Did you see someone? "Now, get dressed.'"Alright alright, fine." Yang said, heading upstairs."Good." Raven said. Weiss had given up trying to put on a façade of sophistication or seductiveness and just let Ruby make her laugh. As the movie went on, however, both girls had grown tired. Blake sighed in contentment, smiling as she held Yang. " Ruby asked."None of your business.' Raven said feeling bad after. I just had to deal with your sister.""She come down naked again? "You too, Belladonna.""Alright.' Blake said, slinking away."I wonder how Ruby's doing." Raven said."This is nice." Ruby said as she and Neo walked back with the ice cream they'd gotten. "I have no idea who that is.""Weiss, I hope you like strawberries! Weiss had leaned onto Ruby and Ruby had leaned over onto the side of the couch, holding Weiss in her arms. Both drifted off to sleep, Ruby holding Weiss in her arms. I didn't ask.""It apparently went well." Yang said. Neo nodded quickly."Hopefully mom won't be too mad I haven't told her about Weiss.' Ruby said. Arriving back at the home of Neo and Cinder, Ruby saw Weiss and Cinder exit the office, Cinder seeing the cones."That's very sweet of you, Neo.' She said. Ruby walked into the kitchen, beginning to make the food.

Ruby took Weiss' hand, turning red as her names."L-let's go." Ruby said, leading Weiss out of the house."You know where she's going, don't you? Tell these handsome studs your name, your age, your line of work–the usual.” Extremely awkward; but doable, I thought. This makes me really uncomfortable.” “I don’t like it,” Lingling looks around. Lingling and I braced ourselves for 15 awkward conversations and took a step forward.“Introductions alone are boring,” our host continues. After the quick line of introductions, we would like you to hand out your red stickers to the men you find most attractive. “It will be the men’s turn to give stickers to the ladies.” “Lingling,” I turned to her and whispered in English so no one could (hopefully) understand. War of the stickers In the end, I gave my stickers to no one.There have been many awkward and possibly embarrassing moments in my life. On the ladies’ side we had 17 fairly pretty Chinese women; one lone, super kawaii Japanese girl; myself, and a big, black lady that spoke little Chinese and no Japanese (just how the hell did she find this place? The men were mostly Japanese (surprisingly), but with a good mix of Chinese thrown in. The others were typical Japanese salarymen with black slacks, button up white shirts and perfect hair.On the end was a pretty Japanese boy that I called Jun Matsumoto, because he looked like the main dude from the boy band Arashi.

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