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Lauren later confirmed in an interview that she did indeed plant a kiss on the young country singer.

To add to the rumors, when Lauren was asked whether Scotty and her were dating she answered that they might be and that the question should be asked to Scotty.

While I would like to say, yes Scotty Mc Creery and Lauren Alaina are dating I have to say that there is no real evidence to prove it so the answer must be no at least if we have to base the answer on what the public knows.

Once again Scotty has said to more than one person throughout the season that he loved them and at that time nobody thought it was weird or that he was in love with all of them.

Lauren Alaina might have come in second on the show, but she might just be number one in winner Scotty Mc Creery’s heart.

The question everyone wants to know today: Are they dating? She’s just being funny.” “She’s such a sweetheart,” he added. I can’t say enough nice things about her,” Mc Creery said.

Scotty also said about him and Lauren “We have been together since day one”.

Scotty later said that he would love to record more duets with Lauren; clearly he enjoyed collaborating with her.The fact is Scotty Mc Creery and Lauren Alaina have a lot in common, they are both country singers, only a year apart, both are high school students and much younger than the other contestants it’s no wonder they became close as the months went by, Scotty even talked about how they would go to “school” together as they had tutors during their time on Idol.Which brings me to the last point, Scotty and Lauren are very young, they are both still teen agers and may not be in a hurry to start a high profile relationship now that they are launching their music career.The season 10 American Idol finalists kissed on the final result show when Scotty became the 10th American Idol but the question many fans were asking is are they a couple?Even though you could not actually see it on television Lauren kissed Scotty on the lips when the winner was announced.

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