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One senses in Algiers that many rats are fleeing a sinking ship.The symbol of the National Organisation of Mujahideen (ONM) — Algeria’s independence war veterans’ group — abandoning Bouteflika is lost on no one.

Official French and US spokesmen said they hope Algeria will continue on the road of non-violence and democracy.Whatever happens between now and the April 18 presidential elections, Algeria has turned a major page of its modern history.Millions of Algerian men and women have been demonstrating in the streets of Africa’s largest country, the largest crowds since the country’s independence in July 1962.However, his campaign fell into disarray before it even started.Islamic party leaders who are deemed presentable, such as Abdelfattah Hamadache, are mere karagoz — Ottoman shadow puppets — of Mediene, who remains a master puppeteer. The key question is: Who in the country’s pool of former leaders and senior officials might be able to take on the arduous role of interim leader, capable of running affairs for a year, get the constitution rewritten or amended and conduct free and fair elections?

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They are desperate for an Algeria that is less corrupt, more rule-bound and open to the world.

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