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By the end of middle school, adolescents should “understand sexual risk avoidance” and “learn sexual risk reduction methods that may be needed later in their lives,” which would ostensibly include condoms and birth control.

We grew up driving, like, four hours to grandma's house and then back again at night — we can handle a road trip. It doesn't matter if you stay in Texas your whole life or move away eventually, a Texan is always a Texan.

AUSTIN — Abstinence has long been the backbone of sex education in Texas, but this summer state officials are suggesting teachers should also be having conversations with children about contraceptives, sexual and gender identity, and how to say no.

Texas has the fourth-highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, with above-average numbers of students reporting they have sex without condoms and engage in other risky behaviors.

More than eight in 10 Texas school districts teach abstinence only or have no sex education at all, according to a 2017 report from the Texas Freedom Network, a left-leaning group that has long been a watchdog of the State Board of Education.

That report found nearly 17 percent of schools teach more than abstinence, including eight of the top 10 largest school districts.

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