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“It’s not like it’s a surprise,” he told a local newspaper in an interview to mark his departure from the force.

“It has been coming for a while and I have planned ahead.

Craik, 61, and his wife Sharon, 58, live in the idyllic Northumberland village of Bamburgh, ancient seat of the kings of Northumbria, which is set on one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the country.

There was no reply on Thursday at their £300,000 home, which boasts a clear view of Bamburgh Castle, a medieval fortress that has appeared in a string of Hollywood movies, including Ivanhoe starring Elizabeth Taylor.

It is thought that Craik, who retired after five years as chief constable in 2010, has gone on holiday to Vienna with his wife for a fortnight to escape the fuss generated by Aubrey’s revelations.

Most neighbours who did answer their doors would not be drawn into discussing events, perhaps because Craik remains a pillar of what is a small, close-knit community.

A chief constable carries on a decade-long affair with a senior female colleague.

After allegedly blabbing to colleagues about the scandal she is summarily suspended and then fi red.

Devastated by the loss of her £80,000-a-year job, the blonde lawyer – who claims she was referred to as “sex on a stick” and “sex on legs” – takes her employer to an employment tribunal, which began this week.

“It was said police were called and Craik was alleged to have insisted the incident log was removed from the force computer system.

“I have since found out from former Inspector Gilroy, who was the operational commander on duty, that the log was indeed removed.” The 54-year-old told the hearing she had since heard a slightly different account of the bust-up.

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