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Last time I was there the ruin had been bulldozed into a pile of rubble in the field." By: Linda Francis Photo: DERRY ORMOND TOWER, Betws Bledrws, Ceredigion 2010 Date: 13th December 2013 Comment: "i remember as a child looking out the kitchen window and seeing the lightning strike the tower" By: David Rowcliffe Photo: HAFOD (ruins, monuments and stables), Pontrhydygroes, Ceredigion 2001 Date: 02nd December 2013 Comment: "My Grandmother lived in Hafod Lodge in the mid 1950's- to early 1060's This was the time that they blew up the Mansion, This is also the time when the downstairs got flooded by the river and the small house the other side of the bridge got floded halfway up the bedroom windows around 1957ish." By: david paskin Photo: BRONWYDD, Llangynllo, Ceredigion 2009 Date: 24th September 2013 Comment: "my husband did an oil painting of plas Bronwydd for mr baker jones,from a black and white photo that he had when Bronwydd was at its best." By: eleanor a vernon maher Photo: MOUNT GERNOS, Maesllyn, Ceredigion 2009 Date: 12th January 2013 Comment: "Greetings: I am interested in finding out the history of the TYLER family in Mt. My surname will tell you that I've studied the genealogy of the family, but i never ran across the family having been in Mt. Tyler Photo: BRONWYDD, Llangynllo, Ceredigion 2009 View photo Date: 08th June 2012 Comment: "read about Bronwydd for ist time a few mths. today i was researching the maddock family and came across Llangynllo and your pictures.they are superb;it's made me want to visit the old mansion apart from Llangynllo.Is Hafod the Mansion that the Englis Jones lived in?regards brian" By: brian marshall Photo: DERRY ORMOND TOWER, Lampeter, Ceredigion 2000 Date: 17th December 2011 Comment: "I climbed it a few years ago.

Unbelievable...." By: Deborah Bradley Photo: HOUSE AT CWM RHEIDOL MINES, Cwm Rheidol, Ceredigion 2012 Date: 16th August 2014 Comment: "That house's name is Penlefel - translating to Mine Level End.

This is a new page where I have listed some of the comments people have made on the website...

I will add to it slowly over the coming weeks and also put up the relevant photographs alongside the comments... First is Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Brecknockshire, Pembrokeshire and MANSIONS, FARMHOUSES & COTTAGES...

I returned about 4 years ago and was devastated to see Maesglas in such ruin. I would love to give life back to Maesglas with family, horses, sheep, dogs, chickens and peacocks.

This place was my dream home." By: Denise lomax Photo: BRON Y BERLLAN, Pontrhydyfendigaid, Ceredigion 2010 Date: 25th April 2014 Comment: "I am likewise a 3 x Great grand-daughter to Thomas Hughes via his son, Richard Hughes, laterly also of Bronberllan.

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It was probably last inhabited in the 1930s around which time the mine closed." By: Ioan Photo: LLETYSYNOD, New Row, Ceredigion 2010 Date: 24th July 2014 Comment: "Fascinating work Paul and a very important project..really beautiful locations, I recognise the New Row house and thought similar things..." By: chris webster Photo: MAESGLAS, Abergwesyn Mountain Road, Ceredigion 2010 Date: 09th July 2014 Comment: "I also used ot go pony trekking there every year for about 3 in the 1970's - about the same time as Denise! So sorry to see it is in the state." By: Sandra Luff Photo: DOLWEN, Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion 2011 Date: 14th May 2014 Comment: "Ilived with my mum and dad in Dolwen moved from stone staffordshire, i would have been 10 years old 1946-47 we had the bad snows then that year i went to school in ponterwyd with my brother from dolwen. NZ" By: Tony Hurford Photo: BEUDIAU, Lampeter, Ceredigion 2009 Date: 11th May 2014 Comment: "Hi Paul.

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