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For what it’s worth, you can also capture video directly on the Mac with i Movie and some third party apps too, but Quick Time is so fast, easy, and efficient, that if all you’re looking to do is capture a quick movie, it’s by far the simplest choice.

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Ever wanted to record a video on a Mac using the computers built-in camera?

Maybe you want to capture a special moment as a movie, record a quick video note, record a movie for social media, or for any other purpose.

If you want higher quality footage like 1080p or 4k, you might want to consider recording 4k video with an i Phone or i Pad instead.

If you want unused Autoload tokens credited back to your credit card, please contact Customer Service.This end result will be a movie file being saved that can be shared, uploaded, edited, or used however you’d like.The default movie file type recorded will be a Quick Time file but you can save it as another format if desired, or convert it to a different video format later if you’d like.Whatever the reason, you can easily record video on Mac using the front facing Face Time camera and a built-in app.There are a few different ways to accomplish video capture on a Mac, but we’re going to focus on recording video with Quick Time Player and the Mac computers webcam, because the software is bundled on all Macs and virtually every Mac has a built in camera to record from.

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