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The tasks should also allow users to determine when they have reached an answer and when they should stop.

If users misinterpret your instructions and perform the wrong task, your test is wasted.

It is a nice feature, but it is not absolutely necessary.

It can be more difficult to recruit participants who have a webcam and are willing to be recorded, so make it a secondary requirement.

Generic tasks, such as “Find out what this company offers”, are unlikely to give you good insights: to really delve into the usability of your system you will need to write your own tasks.

You also don’t want to be limited in the number of tasks that the tool lets you assign.

You’ll find that most tools provide sample tasks, which can be good suggestions, but don’t blindly copy them.

Make sure you have some control over who participates in the test either through screening questions or by recruiting your own participants.

You may receive these in your "available tests" tab, or see them located in a blue banner bar on your dashboard.

Please note that you aren’t paid for taking these types of tests, as they are merely to determine if you’re eligible for further studies.

Since users’ verbal and written comments can be misleading, you have to watch their behavior on a website in order to understand what works or doesn’t.

While conducting live studies you can follow along with the participants as they conduct activities, but during unmoderated studies you need to be able to watch a recording afterwards.

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The audio recording of participants verbalizing their actions is essential.

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