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A Domestic Discipline Society® Domestic Discipline Community Homepage for Everything Domestic Discipline, Researching & learning Domestic Discipline.The focus of DD is relationship accountability & a tranquil household.His plan was only to measure how often the participants yelled at their kids, Holden says, “but we inadvertently captured more than we expected.” In half the homes, the recorders caught the sounds of parents slapping and spanking.What his research shows, Holden says, is that “parents may be behaving at odds with what they say, and certainly at odds with what they think good parents would do.”Today’s do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude toward spanking is nothing short of disingenuous, says the Rev.Cobble was surprised by their numbers; he sometimes felt as if he were the only parent who still used corporal punishment.

In the past generation, the population of parents who think spanking is “necessary” has dropped from 94 percent to about 70 percent.Spanking your kids isn’t illegal in Massachusetts, or anywhere else in the United States, but that mother’s worry that I was an investigator was no idle concern.This was a lesson Don Cobble, former pastor of a Woburn church, learned the hard way.button from the site menu, fill out the necessary details and submit the form.You should receive an email from us once your registration has been approved; please check to ensure it has not gone directly into your mail system's spam folder.

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