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The 3D Globe will pin-point your selected cities with the option to display a satellite, sky, temperature, and precipitation overlay.You can turn the overlays off and simply enjoy the view of the world as well as animate the globe to scan your selected city locations.If you don't like these sources, you can also plug in your own.The most noticeable addition to Weather 2.0 is a 3D Globe, which will be covered momentarily.

Navigation through SPB Weather is simple, straight-forward.It is a forecast/current conditions application that provides you with a good bit of forecast information that will give you a handle on what type weather to plan for.It's not perfect but it is a noticeable improvement over the previous version.As far as I can tell the Satellite and Sky views are the same with the Sky view providing an animated satellite view.In comparing the two with another weather source, the Satellite view is what I would consider a typical satellite weather view.

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I would have liked to have seen dew point readings included but a good bit of information is provided.

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