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***receive DANNY'S NUMBER, LUCAS' NUMBER, DEVIL'S ZEPHYR COLOGNE, BRONZE MEDAL, ROSE, POCKET KNIFE, PEPPER SPRAY, JOKE BOOK - The one about the guy with the 5 legs...*** ***unlock Art #20 - Big Decision*** =========== END CHAPTER =========== ---------------------------------------------- Chapter Three - Ski Brat ------------------------ Description: You just opened the Snow Bird Mountain Ski Shop for the day. -I'm sorry, we got off on the wrong foot, let's start over. -[Take the money] ***receive FIFTY BUCKS*** -No, should I have?

The Item and Art Guides have been subsequently updated. ============= START CHAPTER ============= -'Great Lakes' great or 'Great Houdini' great? 1) Lucas Walkthrough -------------------- ============= START CHAPTER ============= -You think I can't do it? @@@ -You know, WTV has come a long way in terms of story development and production quality, Lucas. Golden Line: "This purple one here looks nice." ========= ITEMS ========= BECKY'S NUMBER CONOR'S NUMBER TWENTY BUCKS FIFTY BUCKS ONE HUNDRED BUCKS VIP SANCTUARY CLUB PASS UNLOCKING SOCIAL ANXIETY HEIMLICH MANEUVER PAMPHLET SUNGLASSES Rundown: Lots of branches here, but they all seem to end the same way. Objective: Get the VIP pass from Conor, the Lodge rich boy who runs the hip club, Sanctuary.

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