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Anyway, right when I was about to delete my app I got a message from a guy who seemed like my type. He asked if I had another pic and I said I would text it to him so he gave me his number lol.I asked if he had Whats App and he didn’t know what it was and said he was new to online dating too. We have been to a lot of the same countries and have so much in common.I'd honestly rather be alone than not have that.There's just one problem: I have no clue how to convey that passion in writing, much less in as few characters as most apps allow.

I posted a pic of myself and got a bunch of weird messages.granted, i think how that particular site works is that any report, from anyone, period, regardless of what the report is about, results in the account being banned, perhaps as a sort of easy inexpensive way of handling bans automatically, so i can see how looking for something odd acts as unintentional report click-bait.but is there any mainstream site that's actually okay with that sort of thing, instead of it being against the To S or easily bannable?He’s in the military and currently doing field training.Sometimes he’ll disappear for 3-5 days and then message me about being in the field and sorry for being MIA.

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more about Anna from zaporozhye The 1ST thing I'd like to ask you about : Don't look at my age, please, and don't make any judgements concerning it!

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