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You should never base your attraction on a single trait As much as girls like men who are on the taller side, it’s never the only characteristic they like.There are plenty more to the guys they choose to date.[Read: 12 things guys like in a girl beside her appearance] Why do girls like tall guys?If you’ve always wondered why girls seem to be drawn toward guys who are taller than them, we have some answers.This is desirable for women from an evolutionary standpoint, basically.

And this is still misleading because the typical female model is as tall as the average height for men.

[Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling in love] #7 They seem more powerful. By physically looking up to a guy, he seems like he holds more authority.

This probably isn’t something we notice consciously but it does make a difference.

[Read: How to be masculine without being a jerk] #2 It makes them feel safe. If a guy is tall, he’s thought to be more able to protect a woman.

He seems stronger and can wrap the girl in his arms and keep her safe.

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This is for the same reasons guys like hips, big eyes, and a youthful appearance on women. Back in the day, taller men were typically stronger.

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