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Perhaps the man has no height preference, but simply dates shorter women because shorter women find them more attractive. short women issue, I also examined data from Yahoo Answers! In particular, I did a search for “In my informal Attractive Women Survey, over 80% of voters expressed a preference for medium height and petite women (out of a total of over 3500 votes). short women question is the height of our resulting children.If men do indeed select based on fertility, it seems that part of that fertility question would involve the strength and power of the resulting offspring."Our cabs arrived at the same time and I opened the door for her.I remember the way she exited the cab was so classy." The two spent the evening talking and he asked her out the next day.However, this does not necessarily mean that men like shorter girls.In fact, one can argue that the height preference largely comes from the woman’s side.

I am a tall woman, which means I have to look at it slightly differently. Here’s a short list compiled by yours truly: The list goes on and when it comes to the question of men and matrimony, it gets event more complicated.They have gone on to state that they would love to be seen with a tall woman.I have been complimented on my wonderful height and gait by many a man too.Tall women, I stand tall with you, and yes, I feel like screaming when someone judges me based on a number rather than who I am as a person, but don’t be discouraged, your prince giraffe is out there!To all the women who are with significantly taller men — you should have left them for us!!

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I don’t have an issue dating a shorter guy or even marrying one, does the dilemma then stand with the men?

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