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Another high school student, Annika Baur, says the prevalence of dating sites is not doing great things for the dating scene."I don’t like the idea that they're (people using dating apps and sites) not trying so hard.In the online world I have a relatively safe profile and I can delete or block those who cause me offence.Whilst it is true that nothing we do online is truly anonymous, there is a sense of detachment created by the lack of proximity and direct risk which can turn deviant behaviour into something abstract.For example, on a personal level why was I not offended? Is it something that women now expect or at least accept?

"I've heard a lot of horror stories about it (online dating)," she said.

I've found that many have complicated feelings about using technology to find love or hookups.

So I decided that this week I would throw the question out to Sheboyganites. How successful are these mediums in the Malibu of the Midwest?

Fellow Sheboyganite, Rick Ponzio, also said that people were using apps like Tinder to get out of having genuine relationships.

"To be in person and flirt with somebody and talk to them is much more risky and exciting. "I think people are filtering their lives through electronic devices and not having a real experience.

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While I spent my youth working in clubs and pubs, exposed to a range of male behaviours and thus gained the experience to navigate this terrain, can the same be said for today’s younger population for whom the internet and online dating may be the norm.

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