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A popular example was the series , which was built around the title character, Dawson, getting together with his childhood best friend, Joey.

However, she ended up having such good chemistry with their mutual friend, Pacey, that that's how the show ended instead.

Of course, things don't go nearly as simple as vampires being accepted into human society like it is no big deal.

supporting cast was Lafayette Reynolds, played by the late Nelsan Ellis (who tragically passed away from heart failure in 2017, far too young at the age of 39).

Lafayette was a short order cook at Merlotte's, the restaurant where Sookie works on the series.

The show was intentionally very much over-the-top for its seven season run and that style lends itself very well to internet memes.

Here are 15 fun memes based on the world of By far, the thing that the show became most notable for was the love affair between Sookie and Bill Compton, the conflicted Southern vampire played by Stephen Moyer.

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