Updating bios sony vaio

All seems ok but when I try to turn it on, the green led doesn't come on.

Before I sent this to the assistance, as I said in my first post, only the green led was wokring.

Did you open the BIOS after modifications in many programs to verify it opened correctly without errors? You will need CH341A BIOS programmer and either soldering skills or a jumper type cable (SOIC SOP8 Flash Chip IC Test Clips).

Cables are -3, and programmers are cheap usually only -6. If you can solder good, you only need CH341A programmer and either remove BIOS and reprogram with stock BIOS, or also get 1x new blank chip to program and put in place of old one after removing, or you can buy pre-programmed one on ebay.

Then I told them no problem, I can get it back and I will manage the problem some other way.

They were supposed to give me a feed-back on the problem and the cost to adjust it.If you are able to give me directions (where to buy staff or how to check if electricity arrives to the circuits with a voltage meter) I would feel safer than sending it back. I don't know that english word Thank you again, you are my last chance p.s. It also looks like they cracked the single resistor on opposite side of that side shown in new images Your original image, showing resistor in place on far left position Cracked resistor opposite side, not cracked in your original image, only cracked in new images after receiving unit back from service Also, see here, this is evidence of possible damaged trace, lifted or damaged trace pad, or both due to solder iron tip not hot enough to flow solder so pin and pad lifted from the board during removal, or held in place too long trying to make solder flow so it damaged the trace/pad.if you need more detailed pictures I can send you EDIT: Ciao Lost, I have tried to look for a schematic of the mainboard to see the differences with mine but couldn't find anything in order of a schema but I have found a picture with pretty much high resolution and here below you can see the photo make up I have done on which you see the picture from the web on the left size (that I zoommed in) and the picture of my BIOS on the right side. This also confirms what I mentioned, all soldering on pins are "Cold Solder" joints, either tip not hot enough to flow solder, or not held in place long enough or properly, or not enough flux used etc.This SSD fits perfectly into the module and is perfectly recognized if I try to install Windows 10, I think it's just the BIOS that is giving me hard time.Thank you again and deeply sorry if this is not the right way to introduce myself in this community. Sounds like your BIOS modifications were possibly not good, or it could be due to something in that flasher/method used.

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