Updating bmc remedy via html form

Updating tickets via email : If the field name or field value has a space, you must put quotes around the field name and/or the field value.Example: "Preferred Contact Method"="Mobile Phone"Both the field name and field value must have quotes if there are spaces.Developing the integration plan helps you to review the current data, plan for future requirements, and identify and sequence project tasks.

If an outage occurs, a record-based log can tell you what data was exchanged, how it was transformed, when processing occurred, and if there were any errors.If you do not use quotes, the incoming email process will see Method=Mobile and not be able to find the field Method and return an error.Example: Category="Password Reset"This will work for the Category field for the "Password Reset" value.A screenshot of the panel is shown below with the two options selected. On Security tab of Local DTC Properties in Component Services. Another options selected are already there by default.

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