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Admittedly I've not used the linq version of llblgen yet it but it is available and I read Frans's blog whilst he was creating the linq extensions and it sounds like there are far too many limitations with the MS implementation!

Doing a TFS compare on the project shows no changes between the projects or the dbml files as well.

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Aloha, Kevin One easy answer is to dump the pathetic MS offering and use something better with a decent interface like llblgen pro.

So much time is wasted on crap like this that shouldn’t be happening in the first place, and which reduces the productivity that a powerful IDE like VS provides.

I’d really hate to total up the hours I spent tracking down some obscure Visual Studio bug or behavior in a year… Like you I wasted many hours working on the IDE versus developing solutions.

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This is also a good reminder – at least to me – that quite a few Visual Studio problems can be solved by the various reset flags available via the devenv command line switches.

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