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Unfortunately for Moto G6 owners, this seems to be something of a problem within the Moto G’s lineage, as the Moto G5 range also had its fair share of this same issue last year .

It’s an issue which, as of this writing, have not yet been fully resolved.

While having spotty internet can be bad, having consistently slow internet can be even worse.

One Reddit user has reported shoddy speeds of 1Mbps on their Moto G6 Plus.

Check if the problem you were facing has been solved.

The GPS Status and Toolbox App is a helpful and user-friendly application which can give you a lot of information on your device’s GPS settings.

Thankfully, this one’s simply a rogue color correction gone wrong — and it’s easy to fix.

A map update refreshes the data in your vehicle's navigation system.

Some Moto G6 Plus owners are reporting the Wi-Fi connections on their phones are extremely unreliable.While clearing the cache will not make any difference because the cache files will be automatically created the next time you use the app, any data that is stored will be deleted. So if there is anything important that you may want to take a note of, you must do it before you delete the data files for the Maps.Once you have cleared all the data and cache files, restart your phone and use GPS once again.Thankfully, that same user reported a simple fix that should resolve issues you’re encountering.Regardless of the model of the Moto G6 you pick, you should be getting at least a day’s worth of usage out of it without too much trouble.

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Update your Android device’s Google maps to make sure GPS works properly.

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