Updating opensuse 11

Upgrade As i mentioned already, disable any third party or OBS repositories before proceed to upgrade.

To list the current available repositories, enter the following command.

id=672793#c Try to run the updates, it's a known bug which is marked as "resolved", so it should work after updating and restarting your GNOME-session. t=458790 thank you the problem was solved -- Yaser89 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yaser89's Profile: So, I've installed 11.4, smooth apart from a problem with Grub due to several distros trying to multiboot, my fault!

However, I have invested quite a bit of time into this problem, and there appears to be no fix for this issue. :( -- roberfo ------------------------------------------------------------------------ roberfo's Profile: t=458790 After fuming about my (very similar) problem, I found this link: 'zypper update gets stuck' ( As it turns out, my issue had to do with the network card, "3Com Corporation 3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] (rev 74)" After swapping out the cards I was able to install the updates and desired software without a hitch. ~roberfo -- roberfo ------------------------------------------------------------------------ roberfo's Profile: t=458790 Hi all, I'm new to opensuse, looking to go KDE - I'm a long-term Mint/Gnome user and I like some of the opensuse reviews and comments.

Update To find the current running open SUSE version, enter the following command: Well, let us begin to upgrade from open SUSE 12.3 to 13.1.

Disable all OBS repositories or any third party repositories first, perform the upgrade, then re-enable them.

After updating I restarted the xorg server and the KDE running, there wasn’t much visual difference, just some little details not very “beautiful” but not much problem.

My problem is that I ran update in Ya ST with just two updates, took about a minute, great. so, you come into open SUSE (-=WELCOME=- new poster, by the way) some six or so months into the 'cycle' of open SUSE 11.4 and we are a FAST moving distro...meaning, there have been LOTS and LOTS of security patches and bug squashing updates since the release CD or DVD were made...so, i have no idea what that only 2 updates was about, but the GIANT 6 Gb one is most likely because if you had installed on release day, then by now (months later) you might have had that 675mb of updates spread out across the 180 or so days in between...

:-) -- gropiuskalle ------------------------------------------------------------------------ gropiuskalle's Profile: -- gropiuskalle ------------------------------------------------------------------------ gropiuskalle's Profile: I'm in, as I'm writing this from 11.4 via Firefox.

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I read on this blog KDE 4.1 was more stable than KDE 4.0.4, the version by default in Open Suse 11.0, I updated the mirrors to try it.

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