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If they did, it wouldn't be because it was illegal, but rather because some misconduct or other reason for termination. And I assume that this is not for monetary remuneration, correct? Originally met both on adult chat website, and then went to skype essentially creating them as private contracters. That's where you see teachers get disciplined or terminated. I will rate you "excellent" because of the timeliness and completeness of your responses.

If a teacher is the viewing party, rather than the "star" I don't know of any cases where a teacher has been terminated for that. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

No, as the "crime" (if there was one) would be "committed" where you are. No, this is not illegal (again, assuming everyone is consenting adults).

And it's not a crime based upon whether you're a teacher or not, although the district might terminate you if it finds out. I just started doing it, but I my state just enacted new laws requiring reporting of criminal activity. But I certainly do not want to put myself in jeopardy. This is meant to be private and not disseminated to other individuals, but only for the recipients? The main problems arise when a teacher is the one that is staring in some sort of porn movie.

There’s plenty of models who make money from talking and texting.

This makes Skype a truly versatile platform for adult performers.

I work a lot and want a fun dating and sex life without having to deal with everything a relationship demands.

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