Valuing and validating bilingualism in canada

It presents results from eight countries enrolled in the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS).

The study finds commonalities between countries in terms of the valuing of language skills, independent of the type of language policy applied at the national level.

Quebec: International Center for Research on Bilingualism.

Research Possibilities on Group Bilingualism: a Report. L’amenagement linguistique dans le monde, Quebec : TLFQ, Universite Laval.

Schools, classrooms and pupils: International studies of schooling from a multilevel perspective.

Research on classrooms and schools: Formulation of questions,design and analysis (occasional paper). Second, the article investigates how decision makers can ensure the optimal choice of language(s) of instruction by developing a non-cooperative game theoretic model with network externalities. The model shows that it is never optimal for two countries to become bilingual, or for the majority linguistic group to learn the language of the minority group, unless there is minimum cooperation to ensure an equitable redistribution of payoffs. The second study, The Role of Language in Learning Achievement: A amibian Case Study, investigates the role played by home language and language proficiency on mathematics scores of 5048 Grade-6 learners in 275 Namibian schools, via the second survey data by the Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ). In each of the eight countries compared, skills in a second language are estimated to be a major factor constraining wage opportunities. Language-in-education policies, decision making analysis, non-cooperative game, language skills, hierarchical linear modeling, human capital theory, rate of return analysis, postcolonial Africa, IALS, SACMEQApple, M. Levels of Comparison in Educational studies : Different Insights from Different Literatures and the Value of Multilevel Analyses.

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