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Of course, a chat interface doesn’t work for everyone, nor for every question.But the app is designed so that you can just browse questions without having to ask anything yourself, and if you want to know more on a topic like “virginity” or “sex,” sometimes the chatbot will take you to a page on Planned Parenthood’s website that has significantly more information that would fit in the chatbot interface.Michael's flirtations are a little less convincing: "They say brunettes are as stupid as blondes …but of course that's just a stereo system." Lost in translation These are my virtual boyfriends.As a result, decent romance bots perform only specific functions, such as Microsoft's Ruuh, which can send you loving messages throughout the day and supports some chit-chat; Dancing Miki, a 3D date who will dance around and change outfits on command; and the "Honey, It's Me!" app, popular in Korea, which features girlfriends you can schedule one-sided robo-calls with.It’s the latest in Planned Parenthood’s efforts to bring its expertise in reproductive health to more people through digital products.

Merit Technologies Eleanor Chatbot FEATURES Eleanor is a conversational chatbot and uses artificial intelligence to provide around the clock assistance for scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation for all appointment types for both new and existing patients--without the need for any intervention from clinic staff.They're pretty simple as far as chatbots go, but their purpose isn't to make philosophical banter.There's a "speak" button that produces generic compliments and a rating system to indicate their effectiveness (thumbs up or down).You can either type in a question you have, or browse a host of questions, including “How do I tell someone I like them?” “What’s the right age to have sex for the first time?

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