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Matt tells the dirty IA guy that he thought Harlee lied because she tucked her hair but then she tucked it again when he knew she was telling him the truth. He says Tess moved a body she found so it won’t ruin her property values. Marcus says he should have asked him for advice and calls it a betrayal. He grabs her arms and holds them behind her back and says he owns her and will touch her however he thinks is necessary. She says she had to shut down her date with the ADA early. She says she did that since kindergarten, licks her lips and has a hundred small gestures.

His buddy tells Matt to go with what his gut tells him. He says he’s requesting a new gun since his is jamming. He says the neighborhood is doing a car wash to raise money to bury the guy he killed. Harlee says she’ll help them then goes to take a call from Robert. Harlee and Tess come back and Carlos says he looked into the kid. She says maybe he should read the file then excuses herself to the restroom where Robert is lurking. He says he knows she lied about the ADA missing files. She says she did lie about that and says she was looking for Loman’s psych eval. She says he gave her lots of lead time for this meeting.

To date, there are no records of his past relationship, dating, or affairs.

Warren has not revealed if he has a girlfriend or if he wants to get married and have a wife soon.

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On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) refuses to give Stahl (Warren Kole) incriminating evidence against Wozniak (Ray Liotta) but hands over a fully resolved unofficial investigation that Tess (Drea de Matteo) and Espada (Vincent Laresca) initiated when they moved a body by Tess’ house found to be murdered with a 3D printed gun. Harlee walks down the sidewalk with a casserole dish. She says her daughter cooked it and he says he’d like to finish our meal but he doesn’t want to cross the line of being professional.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates! She tells Cristina it’s work and tells the agents to give her 10 minutes.

#Shades Of Blue starts with Cristina asking what happened to Harlee’s arm. She says she’s consulting on a case and says don’t tell Woz because he thinks she works too much. Chen calls Robert and reports that Matt just went into a bar.

Harless pulls Cristina close to cuddle instead of lecturing her about partying last night. Woz is looking through a box of trinkets and pulls out a gun. She says she had a dream of Anna again – their daughter – and Linda says people make mistakes and you forgive them. Harlee is brought to the FBI and taken to the former NYPD cop Gail Baker. Chen tells Baker there is no mole and says when the FBI looked into the personnel files it left a digital fingerprint that probably alerted him. Tess calls 911 and reports a body she found near the water.

Harlee says Matt is nervous because something big is coming. She tells him she has history with one of the files and asks if they can talk about it. Loman is out with the carwash kid and his mom – the cousin of the guy he shot. She writes down her number and says he would have liked her cousin.

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She asks if the fiancee took all the furniture and he says it was all hers.

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