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For any recurring charge‚ like a subscription‚ a company will have terms and conditions to automatically commence payments if you do not cancel within a specified time limit – in the first instance‚ you should check with the company what these are. They're available to help between 8am and 5pm weekdays on 08 or 44 (0)1273 696933.

Should you need assistance outside of the above hours, just leave a contact number.

Take note that cards starting with a 6 or 7 may not be eligible for all offers.

While no code may be required, you are still required to pay for your tickets with your eligible Chase credit card.*Although we recommend searching directly through the Chase Select Experiences site, you can also search via Ticketmaster:1. Once you’ve selected your event, you can check whether Chase Cardmember Preferred Seating is available by clicking on “Type” to view the ticket type drop-down menu.

Some events even offer both, with Preferred Tickets typically costing more than those from Presale.

You can access these tickets either from the Citi® Private Pass® website or directly from Ticketmaster.

After selecting your event, click on “Type” and enter your offer code.3.

Free group shows are not comparable to private live shows.For more information on partner venues and discounts as well as current ticket sales, check out the Chase Select Experiences site.1.Select an event from the Chase Select Experiences site.2.When you click on “ACCEPT,” it will take you to the site where you can purchase your tickets. From there, you may be automatically prompted to enter an offer code.Or, you will need to click on “Type” and enter the code:4.

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The Somerset Cam overlooks the iconic steeps of Mount Snow’s North Face, Somerset Reservoir and the Grout Pond Recreation Area.

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