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Recent refinements allow reliable determinations of date from no more than a few fibres of cloth or a grain of wheat.

Radiocarbon dating was the technique by which in 1988 the Turin Shroud was shown to date from the 14th-c.

When the organism dies, it stops taking in carbon, and as the carbon-14 decays, its proportion to the total amount of carbon decreases in away which is directly related to the time elapsed since death.

After the war he moved to the Institute of Nuclear Studies at the University of Chicago, returning to California in 1959.

If access to western laboratories was wanted, hard currency or connections were required - both thin on the ground during the cold War.

More important still, eastern Europe was a region that had made a tremendous intellectual investment in artifact typology as a means of dating.

Some of the first radiocarbon dates in the 1950s came from Dutch early neolithic sites, which if the - short chronology were correct should have been dated C. In fact, they emerged over a thousand years older - a dating soon achieved so consistently that it became clear that either the radiocarbon technique itself was flawed or the 'short chronology' was too short.

Western Europe put its faith in radiocarbon and began to re-examine its archaeological data and chronologies.

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