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"Austin confronted Morena about the photo," a source claimed. ' It worked out perfectly." She added, "I was a little bit further along than the character at first so you'll see me in a lot of jackets. They put chairs everywhere for me so that when we had a break, I wouldn't have to walk more than a few feet to sit down. It's very nice to work with your significant other, especially when you're pregnant because you know you'll get some extra TLC and get taken care of." claimed Baccarin was on doctor-ordered bed rest due to her high-risk pregnancy, causing a delay in her ability to sit for an "unnecessarily stressful" court deposition with Chick's attorneys for the custody case."She didn't deny it and said she no longer wanted to work on [their] marriage." "I apparently blew her off," Mc Kenzie said sheepishly. " , that Baccarin told him she'd conceived Mc Kenzie's child around June 2015. "They were already planning on doing that with [Ben and my] characters when I got pregnant. "I am now almost eight months pregnant, and I continue to have a high risk pregnancy. 29, 2016, has advised me to have as much bed rest as possible and limited activities," Baccarin's filing read., has a romantic life that may be more dramatic than anything she's ever portrayed on a movie or TV screen."I had a bad dream where I was married to somebody else and I was having an affair with my husband," Baccarin told At the time of the interview, she'd been married in real life to Austin Chick since 2011.

He is known for his role as Jim Gordon and as Bruce Wayne in Batman: Year One and Ryan Atwood in the television series The O. Johnson on passing the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.

reported that Baccarin texted the following to her ex: "I'd like to be there alone with Julius please Friday all day and night through Sunday morning." Chick reportedly replied, "I'd like to run Fox Studios and remake 'The Sound of Music' with an entirely black cast of hip hop artists." Baccarin informed the judge in her filing: "This entire situation is not funny to me." reported that Baccarin frantically chased after her ex to ask about custodial arrangements for that evening; he gave a curt response and she began to cry.

In November 2016, Chick may have been behaving vindictive again.

During the legal proceedings, more details emerged about the exes complicated and costly custody situation.

Court documents indicated that Baccarin paid for Chick to live in a ,850 per month apartment in New York in order to co-parent while she filmed , claiming Julius was in immediate physical or psychological danger because Baccarin made visits "difficult." According to Chick's filing, "Julius requires the consistency of seeing both parents and the preservation of the status quo of the last 15 months …" Chick argued that Baccarin was not handing Julius over in the correct room and complained that having Mc Kenzie and baby Frances around made custodial exchanges take longer.

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Baccarin's legal team fired back, claiming Chick was simply trying to "vex, harass, and cause Morena to further expend fees in this matter …

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