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That’s why I’ve been with women for most of my life. And it’s hard to come out to your lesbian circle that you like a guy, just as it is for someone to come out as gay to their straight friends. When I had the camera on me and I was blacking out, it hit me in the middle of all this—and I thought, “I’m not going to do this with the camera on me.” So, I told the producers that I wasn’t going to drink anymore.

At the last Gay Pride, someone said about me, “Why is at Gay Pride? I think at the time, I needed to quit because I was self-medicating and that was a problem. This past year, I started to drink casually with my husband and my family but not in clubs. But I do enjoy drinking with my friends and family.

The only person within 30 feet of Farrah is on the payroll. "Maybe these people I would never be friends with and it's like drastically like becoming an issue and I don't like it." Farrah tells us the others are picking on her. For one, because her hired boyfriend still hasn't shown up. My word and my voice doesn't matter, like a child." Mocking Jon, Liz says, "Please don't play the victim role all the time.

Kelsey says she's not trying to force love on Ghost's part but she misses the closeness and friendship they once had. Kelsey hopes their journey ends with them in solid relationship. Later, everyone but Farrah is outside, laughing and having a great time. The resident counselor asks Farrah why she's not outside with the others. "I'm sick of being weird," begins one of Farrah's nonsensical ramblings. Jon tells us, "When Liz laughs at me, I feel devalued as a human being.

Seriously, if VH1 wanted to cash in on the tragedy that is Farrah, why not just create a new show around her?

Sada Bettencourt and Whitney Mixter watch Backdoor Teen Mom and come to realize it's not a homemade sex tape. The night turns sour when Whitney accuses Sada of flirting with Ghost.

Whitney says she's not judging the Teen Mom star for having sex on camera, as she's been there, done that – but she has zero patience for Farrah's "sex tape" lies. And you know they're totally hoping for another Duck and Diva meltdown.

Resist fading to a whisper while making a dreadful face? Jenn tells Farrah that the others speak the truth, "You're getting honest feedback." Farrah finds this weird, "I'm open and honest – but they're calling me a bitch." Exactly – they're not the problem, Farrah. VH1 pumps everyone full of liquor because it's Sada's birthday. Most of Sada's responses come while she's brushing her teeth so I have no idea what she's saying either.

It has been a wild year for Romi Klinger, who ended her run on the The Real L Word with a controversial wedding to a guy. Now she is clearing up misconceptions-talking about her real life and and revealing where she really lands on the sexuality scale. Let’s just say that some people are “made.” They’re made into what they’re supposed to be, if that makes sense. Meanwhile, Romi Klinger is still catching hate for marrying a guy. But [the show] put all of it out there in the most chopped-up way. Most people don’t know that Sada was my best friend. But I respect the fact that she is Sada’s wife, and I respect their marriage. Romi Marie, as she’s known professionally and on social media, has now separated from her above-mentioned husband. The timing, the sequence of events, and what they presented was not the story that I was telling. Strike two – they both slept with other people during their relationship.Whitney Mixter is an American actress, reality TV personality, host, producer, and comedian.

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Whether they’re lying or bullshitting or giving the audience the personality they want to see, I’ve got to give them credit.

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