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And then knew that I wanted to play the part absolutely 100%, but logistically, I couldnt do it, logistics got in the way.

The shoot was going to coincide with some of the shooting of Revolutionary Road and we just couldnt figure it out.

KW: Well, no, there was no joking around, absolutely not, but we would laugh at how ridiculous the situation sometimes seems to be. Its a weird thing for an actor to have to do and the most important thing for an actor is keeping a sense of humour about it, and remembering that whats important is not what your body looks like, but conveying the emotions that are shared between those two people in those very intimate moments, which I always thought were very tender and very honest and genuine.

I would turn to him and I would say, Oh hi, and you are? It was wonderful for me to watch David relax, literally, as each minute would pass. Kate said it wasnt going to be that bad and yeah, she was right. And the truth is, he didnt need very much looking after.

It was a remarkable year for me from sort of May of 2007 until May, June, July of this year.

It was a very collaborative and professional environment.

And having had those experiences as a young actor, I was very happy to share them with David cos I knew it would be important for him to know that I had been there, too.

I wanted him to be able to benefit from the knowledge that I had gained about feeling uncomfortable as an actor and how to deal with it, but as I said, he actually didnt need that much looking after.

It was a very painstaking and thorough process, because we knew it just had to look real.

We were determined to make it the best prosthetics ever seen on screen.

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