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I was with eight of my closest friends.” Garfield then explained his friends surprised him, showing up in an L. They all went to Disneyland and ate “[special] brownies...it was literally heaven.” He doesn't mention Stone by name, but she had to be there.They'd make red-carpet appearances ever so often, paparazzi snapped PDA pics, and during the press tours for the ASM films, they'd show off their cute rapport, but not once did they say, “Yes, we are a couple.” Then the heart-wrenching news came out in 2015 that they split, and fans legitimately had a tough time accepting it.That's why when the two looked chummy again in 2017, as Stone was winning award after award for her delightful turn in La La Land, there was a palpable hope they were reconciling.

This shared friendship with Eisenberg just goes to show you how compatible Garfield and Stone must be.

It doesn't seem to be happening, but that hope is still very much alive.

Here are 16 Secrets Behind Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Relationship.

He laughed about how he got a little freaked out on It's a Small World ride because he realized it really was a small world, and how he and his friends just danced around Fantasyland.

The actor also said he almost bought a backpack in the shape of Chewbacca from Star Wars. It was a great backpack.” How can you not love this guy?

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