Who is janet street porter dating

Janet was able to unlock it and ran down the stairs into the street.

"I don't go into a room and think I could pull someone though that's definitely how I used to think." The I'm a Celebrity contestant, who has a slot examining food issues on chef Gordon Ramsay's F-Word, claims to have now discovered the secret to a lasting relationship: not to see too much of each other.

Now I know I’ve got to take two weeks off to rehabilitate my knee.

I’ve only ever had a serious operation once which was when I broke my leg climbing in the Highlands.

“It’s largely worn out because I’ve spent my entire life walking, playing tennis, keeping fit, doing all those things.” Admitting she’s been ignoring the advice of doctors to have the operation, she said: “Yeah, yeah, yeah…

I had those operations where they hoover out all the gravel that’s in your joints, arthroscopy, I had that a couple of times.

Janet Street-Porter has kept audiences entertained with her numerous telly appearances.

Her competitive nature has been brought out on these shows - as she finished I'm A Celebrity in fourth place and came third on Celebrity Master Chef.

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