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The life he led in pursuit of stardom (a wild childhood marked by stealing, drinking, glue-sniffing, stints in juvenile hall and a complete lack of guidance from his hippie, drug- addicted parents) and the one he led during the peak of his stardom (a whirlwind of lavish parties with his adult film star ex-girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, fast cars, adoring women, pot and more drinking) are a galaxy away from his current world.

This Tito Ortiz — who makes yogurt faces, picks Disney movie nights over Las Vegas parties, seldom drinks, and has kicked his pot habit — is a father first, then a shrewd businessman and an aging MMA fighter who’s trying to breathe new life into his career.

And while the details on how Jenna and Bitton met and started dating are a little hazy, one thing's for sure: They’re incredibly supportive of each other.

Here’s you need to know about their love story: Again, there’s really no info on when the two started dating, but they got engaged in the early summer of 2015, per KCBY 11.

At 39, several years removed from a meteoric UFC rise that saw the smack-talking, grave-digging “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” go 11-2 and win six light heavyweight titles, Ortiz has found equilibrium with his family.

Later, he told People were curious about Jenna's conversion to Judaism, so she created a short You Tube video called "Just Jenna," which is a mix of documentary and fiction addressing her porn past and explaining how she’s looking at the future.

Oh, and Bitton lent a hand in the film as "Rabbi Moray." Jenna couldn't want to share the news of her baby Batel Lu Bitton's birth on April 6.

Tito has previously spoken out against UFC’s current superstar Conor Mc Gregor saying he should throw himself into the promotional side of the sport rather than rally against it.

Jenna Jameson and Lior Bitton have been together since practically forever, but there’s a lot most people don’t know about their relationship.

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The mixed martial artist has revealed he makes his kids - Jacob, 11, and seven-year-old twins, Jesse and Journey - follow a strict daily workout plan and gruelling diet regime.

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