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They were not just in Hollywood for coffee - they've also been seen at Tom's training center in Houston. I don't think Tom is some delusional hanger-on after a one-night deal that has invented a relationship in his mind. It isn't as bad as you think, you realize there are still gay bars in Russia, including Sochi, and people fly gay pride flags?

Tom Daley clearly has ideas of what he can do with himself when his sports career is over and being with a well connected guy like DLB is going to be very enticing and seductive to a relatively sheltered guy who has spent most of his life training in a pool. Could only be creepier if Daley was showering with Jerry Sandusky. If a wholesome, attractive young man comes out as loving guys, only to be hooking up with a Hollywood vampire twice his age, that is on no way a good thing. He's not walking into battle R209, we're looking at this through our own eyes, though.

Dustin Lance Black It appears we were on to something back in October when we reported that Olympic diver Tom Daley was spotted hanging out with screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. Remember when he tried to woo Brent Corrigan with dreams of stardom (which only got the guy the bittiest of bit parts in "Milk")? The reason I tend to believe The Sun is because of all the other factors that make it more likely than just a baseless rumor: the photos of Tom & DLB in Hollywood, and now in Houston too; the timing of Tom's announcement; the confirmation of The Sun story by Marc Malkin of E! Look at the headline on D-Listed:[quote]Tom Daley’s Doing Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black December 3, 2013Just a day after Tom Daley declared in a video that he happens to be dating a human who’s got a peen, E!

She's high maintenance in appearance and stereo typical. Age doesn't ravage them like it ravages better looking people. Said student is now a 23 year old drop out and kept woman who takes ballet lessons and drives a leased Porsche thanks to Mr. I'm not sure how this is going to work out for either of them. From DLB's facebook it seems like he has been in San Francisco. (Oh yeah, and I'm sure none of you holier-than-thous ever engaged in unsafer sex, or lusted after younger men. And what fools to [Q]assume[/Q] it's [Q]only[/Q] physical. I hope they're both on the up-and-up, and that things work out for them together, or for each of them if it doesn't work out well. Daley Dumps Dustin Lance Black, Moves On To Simon Halls LONDON—Following reports earlier this week of diver Tom Daley's whirlwind romance with "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, sources confirmed today that Daley has moved on and is apparently now dating publicity executive Simon Halls. Ugly people tend not to age that badly - their features have always been hard and lacking in harmony. So the other day I just learned that the 38 year old, former NBA MVP and current injured Lakers guard, Steve Nash, dumped his pregnant wife for a college student a couple of years ago. Since I don't actually know DLB personally, as I'm sure 99.9(and probably more)% of you, I'm not about to [Q]assume[/Q] all the trash gossip a lot of you are perpetuating. For all you know, although I'm sure it's unlikely, in his private life maybe Tom's the terrible, egoistic Queen Bitch who's playing DLB. TD must have huge father issues since the loss of his Dad, and unfortunately he's fallen for predatory, middle-aged gay man posing as a surrogate father. Online says he knows DLB prays on young guys (18-22), and that he often cheats, can't keep a relationship apparently. There are photos of Tom on the other threads now showing him with DLB not just in Hollywood having coffee, but at at Tom's training center in Houston. Cut to Taylor Lautner throwing a bitchy “enjoy my seconds, twink” look at Tom Daley. Yesterday, the athlete made a big splash when he released a video announcing he was g...[quote]A commenter on E! There's no way that Tom's team is going to let some borderline predator derail is chances of going to Brazil, but that's clearly what's going to happen. News says that the peen he’s humping on belongs to Dustin Lance Black who won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for Milk.

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