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Reports stated that Jung Woo and Kim Yoo Mi have been dating for over a year and were planning to wedding next year, the couple acknowledged their dating status but denied the length of their relationship and their marriage plans.After the confirmation, Kim Jin’s ex-girlfriend did not seem too happy about the situation.Before becoming an actor, he was once a model for fashion magazine, and debuted in 2006.Jung Il-woo was close friends with Lee Min-ho, in 2006, they were in an accident and they suffered severe injuries.Jung Woo’s agency reps spoke with Newsen and said, “Jung Woo and Kim Yoo-Mi are dating.A certain news agency reported that they dated for about a year, but that’s not true.Actor Jung Il-woo has not given any statements related to rumors of plastic surgery.

“They are dating, but the plans to marry are not true either.

Gong Yoo for boyish youthful aura and Bae Yong Joon for serious manly vibes. I hope you get famous & be known in my land Philippines, so you can visit my beautiful country someday! ❤ Actually I'm not really a fan of korean actors or korean movies, But few years ago I accidentally watch an korean love story and I like it, untill I decided to watch the my shy boss, Yeon Woo Jin is really good actor and who I love now, Yes Im at young age but I think Im having crush on him. I would love to see you in a romantic comedy as the main lead, or as a cop/investigator role like you did in Ordinary Love. Fighting and spirit, always give your best in every drama and movie. what thehell are you talking about ,i loved him in ojakgjo brothers he was soo cute and in the end he falls in love ,an besides it his caracter don't critisize him for being a great actor i am happy too see him in this drama fighting and those who are comenting about him ,just learn too split reality from real life !! If you disliked him for his role in ojakgyo brothers, it just shows what a great actor he is then, doesn't it?

Oh well, you must be really a good actor to morphed into any kind of roles. Just finished watching Queen for seven days and He was soooo good in this show.. Hahaha, Good luck oppa and have good health always, Thank you for making us happy. New to Korean Drama and thoroughly impressed with the wonderful shows, and talent. But still my fav is gong ki tae heheheheheheheheh you're so good in romcom. i dont like you very much at your role hre at OJAGKYO FAMILY because you are jobless and your a con artist_deceiving the woman to get money.... i dont want a type of guy that dont have a job and i dont like very much is that you deceive girls are sexy just to make money.......

I first fell in love with him in divorce lawyer in love. I love Yeon Woo-Jin too..surely can act...expression...especially his eyes..cute...... I agree..another actor to fall in love with.....producers want to pair him with Park Shin Hye? thought he redeemed Himself and worse off in when a man loves arrgh I could kill Him in that drama lol but marriage not dating is everything. I mean I can't get enough of that drama thanks to him and han groo so on point. ottoke, don't be jealous ehn...he's your dongsaeng). After my hospital duty I'm so excited to be home just to see you. let's Get married paved the way to my Yeon Woo Jin obsession. Hi YWJ, i am now also a fan of yours after watching the recently ended MND..you are cute and handsome! You are an amazing actor, I have watched you in Secret Love where you cried river, really great actor. An American fan, Babs I started to admire Yeon Woo Jin from "Arang & Magistrate", then i watched also "Just an ordinary love" and now "Marriage not dating".my! .the way he act and the expression of his eyes, so charming..awwwrrr...

i will support all your projects:) saranghae gracias por todo me hace muy feliz verte por medio de mi computadora te admiro me encanta tu forma de ser en todos los dramas eres el mejor me gusta verte feliz y sonreir es lo bonito de alguna persona cuando sonríe y esa persona te gusta o lo admiras espero que tengas una vida muy feliz ya se que soy demasiado cursi pero siento eso por yeon woojin te amo gracias................ I didn't notice you in Cinderella Stepsis / Ojakgyo Fam, thanks to TVn for airing Marriage Not Dating, damn love it, looking forward seeing you in KBS2 bcos my tv cable only has those 2 Korean channel, TVn and KBS2... I truly hated this guy's personality in arang and the magistrate. You and Joo Won were my favorite brothers (JW is my favorite everything Korean by the way... I am not really that fun of Korean shows and movies but because of #yeonwoojin I think I better start watching your films. I Start day dreaming because of watching #letsgetmarried in You Tube. So glad he's the lead in, "Marriage, not dating." Praying for your continued success, wishing you the very best, Yeon Woo- Jin.

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  1. I wanted to go over there, but could not imagine how it would be possible. One evening I went out on an actual date and when I got back to the house, me and a girl. Your loss:( What a mistake to leave my computer out on the table!!